Format for Data File

**Please note that while the easiest way to load data is via an Excel file or CSV as explained below, we also integrate with most major Agile tools. Please contact us if you use a tool like Jira, VersionOne, etc. and would like help on how to mine your flow data from one of those products.** You can also find more information on our Getting Started page.

We accept xlsx (Excel 2007 or later) as well as properly formatted .csv (comma separated) files. If using an xlsx file, the data must be located on the first worksheet of the Excel workbook and the workbook cannot contain any extraneous non-empty worksheets. If using a .csv file, the file must conform to the CSV format:

Both file types must also conform to the following data formatting rules:

If you are using Excel for your data file, there are a few things you may want to consider:

Here’s a picture of what the file might look like:
Template File Picture

A template file that can be modified for your own data can be downloaded here.

The tool’s demo version data can be downloaded here.