ActionableAgile Analytics gives us an unparalleled look into our own data.
Whether we are looking at the organization for the year or a team for a week, we can easily benchmark productivity and show improvement."

–Mike Longin, Manager of Software Engineering, Ultimate Software

ActionableAgile Analytics Software
ActionableAgile Analytics Software

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ActionableAgile Analytics reveals the efficiency of your Lean or Agile process and will give you a road map for determining what tweaks can be made to improve your process over time. Our analytics software empowers management and teams to achieve high levels of productivity by monitoring Work In Progress, Cycle Time, and Throughput. Capacity issues, bottlenecks and other constraints are also revealed quickly allowing for timely action.

We Wrote the Book on Agile Analytics

Actionable Agile Metrics for Predictability is the definitive guide on how to use flow metrics and analytics to improve your process. The next great revolution in your Agile adoption requires a way to match the work you start to the resources you have available. Tracking flow metrics helps you spot the delay in delivering the products your customers expect. This book will show you how 20th century thinking can prevent 21st century success. Don’t get left behind with your current Agile process.

When Will It Be Done? clears up this confusing question with new ways to understand predictability, giving you all the tools you need in order to make accurate forecasts.