Improve Flow. Be Predictable.

Provide accurate forecasts that answer your customer's most important question: When will it be done?

ActionableAgile Analytics

Our Sole Focus Is Your Flow

ActionableAgile helps you understand how work really moves through your process, allowing you to ask the right questions and drive meaningful improvement. ActionableAgile provides a variety of world-class charts and simulations to analyze key flow metrics and to use your historical data to accurately forecast outcomes in uncertain situations.


Four Key Flow Metrics
power our charts & simulations

Our Charts & Simulations
help answer the important questions

How long will this item take?

Our Cycle Time Scatterplot tells you how long it takes to finish a single item of work once started.

When will our project be done?

Monte Carlo simulations forecast the finish date for a set of items or how many items you can get done.

Where can we improve?

Charts like our Cumulative Flow Diagram give you insights to help stabilize your process & improve forecast accuracy.

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ActionableAgile is available as a SaaS application and use our wizards to connect to Jira and Trello or can upload Excel, CSV, and JSON files from other tools. Use Jira or Azure DevOps Services? We recommend our apps available on the Atlassian and Microsoft Visual Studio marketplaces.