When Will It Be Done?

by Daniel S. Vacanti

If you have ever been asked When Will It Be Done? then you have been asked to make a forecast. My guess is that when you were asked that question, you struggled mightily to answer it. You struggled because there are so many possible things that could go wrong (and go right) when trying to forecast the completion date of an item. I am even going to guess that whatever prediction you made ended up being wrong. The fact that you were wrong was not because you were incompetent, or because you did not try hard enough. You were wrong because we think about forecasts incorrectly.

This book clears up that confusion and will give you all the tools you need in order to make accurate forecasts. Your customers demand predictability from you, and you demand predictability from your teams. Isn’t it time you started to deliver on your promises?

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When Will it Be Done?

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